Wealthnugget4u:- Personal development Growth: Give your emotions a boost by learning how to feel happier.


1. Treat yourself at least two or three times a week. It doesn't have to involve a lot of money. Eg. Buy yourself a bar of chocolate or a pint of beer, some flowers or a magazine. In fact constantly think about ways to treat yourself and this will give you something to look forward to and will automaticaly make you feel happier and boost your emotions.

2. Read at least ten pages of a novel every day. Escapism is fantastic way of making yourself feel good. Within minutes you will have forgotten about your worries and your body will start to relax.

3. Get a hobby. We all seem to have hobbies when we are kids but many of us drop them as soon as we reach adulthood. Go on, re-discover your youth and do something that absorbs you.

Wealthnugget4u:- Personal Development Growth: If, for whatever reason you can't manage a full blown hobby then get a virtual one. As a kid I used to collect sea shells. At it's height, my collection numbered more than 250 shells, it was sprawling! Unfortunately, the shells have long since gone but now I've got a picture of every shell I ever owned, plus more besides.

Always Take Time Out To Relax And Re Charge Your Batteries.

4. Write down all the things you like about your partner and your kids. We all spend far too much time moaning about other people's shortcommings thus by concentrating on your loved ones's good points you will automatically start to see more of them.

5. Each day, choose a seperate part of your body and really thank (your) God for it. You'll be amazed at how much you'll start to appreciate the miraculous things that we all take for granted.

6. Plan a holiday, even if it's not going to be in the immediate future. Alternatively, If a major vacation is really out of your reach at the moment then plan something that's less expensive. The act of planning something you like generates feelings of happiness and automatically lifts your spirits.

This one works particularly well during the first week of the year, when most people's emotions tend to be at a low ebb. When Christmas is over and all we can see is the winter stretching out before us.

Wealthnugget4u:- Personal development Growth: Take a dictaphone on holliday and tape the sounds of you and your family enjoying yourselves at the beach or round the pool. When you get a spare ten minutes play it back and meditate on it

Our emotions play a key part in our lives. True happiness is worth more than any material goods. If you actually practice feeling happy the state becomes easier and easier to achieve and your personal-development will be greatly enhanced. Good habbits are just as easy to form as bad ones.

Eventually you will find yourself feeling happy for no apparant reason, you'll start seeing things in a different light and these feelings will in turn generate additonal feelings of happiness. It is vital to understand that everything comes from within not from without.

Good luck with your personal development growth.

Regards, Andy.

Pets Are Great Happiness Generators.

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