The best way to enhance your own personal development is to make and follow a personal development plan.

The plan can be as simple or as complicated as you like but the main aim of it should always be to improve and enhance your skills-set and your overall personal development.

The overall plan should contain many smaller plans or goals and each one should be given a time line with a definite deadline. This is important because a plan without a deadline is just a pipe dream.

Personal development plan templates.

For each of the smaller plans you should do the following:

1. Decide what you are going to do.

2. How you are going to do it.

3. How long it's going to take you and what you are prepared to sacrifice to achieve your objective.

4. What the benifits of achieving each plan or goal will be.

Each individual plan in itself should be divided up in to sections each with it's own timeline and deadline. By dividing the plans up into smaller components you are making the overall plan simpler and thus you automatically improve your chances of success.

wealthnugget4u:- If you find writing things down difficult buy yourself an expensive journal, say £10 plus. This will make the writing process much more appealing.

It is vital that you commit your thoughts to paper because as well as making things easier to remember, the act in itself is part of a creative process. By doing this you are cementing your thoughts and in turn making a pact with yourself to do something, so naturally you are much more likely to complete the task.

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