Personal development growth: If we are serious about personal development it is vital that we learn to understand and control our emotions. It is not that important what we actually experience in life but how we perceive it. External factors obviously influence our feelings and emotions but they are not crucial to wether we live a life of joy or a life of sorrow. What is crucial however, is our mental attitude, how we feel on the inside. I am going to do my utmost to show you how you can start to feel better about every aspect of your life. Put the kettle on, mine's a coffee, two sugars, no make it three...then we'll get started.

"Contentment makes poor men rich; discontentment makes rich men poor." Benjamin Franklin. (1706-1790)

"LIfe is so short. The sooner a man begins to enjoy his wealth the better." Samuel Johnson. English author (1709-84)

Life is short and as the brilliant, Steve McDermott. (UK motivational speaker and personal development specialist) says "No-one on their death bed ever remarked. 'At least I made budget!'"


Paul McKenna. (Hypnotist, personal development guru and author) has done a great deal of work with terminally ill people and says that they state things like, they wished they'd followed their emotons more, they wished they'd loved or laughed more. Apparently, very few people who are nearing the end of their lives focus on materialistic things.

It seems ironic then that the things most of us spend so much time and effort chasing don't seem to matter that much in the final reckoning.

Here are six personal development techniques to make you feel happier. Try them for just a few days and I'll guarantee you'll start to feel a difference. Wealthnugget4u:- Personal development growth: The next time you catch yourself in a great mood, stop for a second and really concentrate on the feeling. Think about how it feels with each of your five senses. Then at a later date, maybe at a time when you are a bit low try to re-create those feelings of happiness, I'll guarantee that you'll smile! Keep practicing it and the pleasant state will become easier and easier to attain.

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"The body says what words cannot." Martha Graham. American dancer & choreographer (1894-1991) Personal development fact: Approximately 65% of all communication is non-verbal. People often say one thing whilst their body language says another. We express all of our emotions through this silent medium. Therefor being able to read body language is a vital negotiating skill. One which will serve you well in all aspects of your business and social lives. Once you have mastered it you will be far better equipped to deal with all the different types of people that we encounter on a daily basis.


People Often underestimate the importance of gratitude as a formfz56701238zf of wealth creation. By developing a feeling of gratitude you will automatically bring more good things into your life. In modern-day society we have a tendency to be too self-indulgent. We are all guilty of it, we live at such a hectic pace that we often forget about other people's needs.

Wealthnugget4u:- Personal development growth: If you are not certain what another person's needs are, a good starting point is to remember that we all want similar things. Eg, love, respect, money, enjoyment. Ask yourself what you would want if you were in their situation and then act accordingly.

Our emotions are constantly telling us things about ourselves. If we can learn to work with them, we will have gone a long way towards acheiving self-mastery.

I personally know when something is important to me, it's when my emotions keep constantly replaying it. When this happens, I take action, even if I don't particularly want to.

Good luck with your personal development plan.

Regards, Andy.

 The Power Of Gratitude.

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