Taken First Thing In The Morning Fruit Is A Great Cure For Indigestion.

Personal development health: Over a twenty year period I've read many books on health and fitness, most of which have promised fantastic results, as long as the reader promises to follow some kind of gruelling fitness or dietry regime in return. To be honest, if a person was that way inclined, I don't think they'd need to seek healthy living advice in the first place.

So make yourself a brew, put your feet up and then I'll begin...There are many things you can do in order to promote healthy living, many of which you may be glad to hear don't involve a great deal of effort. Let the fitness fanatics get on with their daily five mile runs, whilst we adopt a smarter approach.

Exercise is fine in moderation and enhances your personal-development as a whole. However, once you start it you have to keep it up, otherwise the muscle you've built will soon turn into fat. So start small, say ten minutes of non-impact exercises per day. This routine will soon become part of your life and little lifestyle changes can have a dramatic effect on a person's overall personal development health goals.

"The problem with people who have no vices, is that you can be fairly sure they'll have some pretty annoying virtues.". Elizabeth Taylor.

Wealthnugget4u:- Personal development health: To cure indigestion and promote healthy living do the following : Have a diced apple and a glass of fruit juice first thing in the morning, at least twenty mintutes before you consume anything else. The fruit creates a chemical reaction in the stomach which neutralises acid and promotes proper digestion. Conversely, never eat fruit after a meal because this will trigger an adverse chemical reaction, one which produces stomach acid.


We could all do with extra energy at times. Energy makes us feel great and enables us to cope with the demands of modern day living. Learn these ten new energy boosters. All of which are simple to adopt but can make a massive difference to a person's general wellbeing.

Energy Can Work Wonders.


I've decided to deal with affirmations initially in the health section of the site because they are a good aid for healthy living but it's such a big personal development topic that it will undoubtedly make several appearances in other sections.

What is an affirmation? An affirmation is a word or phrase that you repeat to yourself in order to bring about a desired result or event. Irrespective of your personal oppinion on the effectiveness of affirmations, they have been used by all civilisations and religions since the birth of humankind.

The main reason why people think they don't work is that they are using them incorrectly and subsequently they are triggering conflicts of oppinion in their own minds. However if you can master the art of using them correctly then affirmations beccome a very powerful personal-development tool. One that can bring into being many of your heartfelt wishes and desires. I am going to show you how to do this. Whatever you use the tecniques for is up to you But remember, be careful what you wish for because once you've convinced yourself of something it generally comes into being.

I hope you have found this section useful and I promise to write more about healthy living soon, but for now I'm off down the pub. Well, all this health malarky, as given me a real thirst! Good luck with your personal development health programme. Speak to you soon.

Regards, Andy.

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