Clubbers Mimicing Each Others Body Language.

Personal development growth: Boost your personal development skills by learning how to interpret body language. People communicate their emotions in many different ways. However, sixty five percent of this communication is via non-verbal gestures, commonly known as body language. Listed below are the most popular examples of these gestures that we all use on a daily basis.

1.HANDS : Open palms (honest), Steepled fingers (superior), Interlocked fingers (frustration), Fingers in front of mouth when speaking (deceitful), Thumbs protruding from pockets (dominant), Thumb pointing at a person (disrespectful), fingers in mouth (insecure), Hand rubbing (expectant), Finger/s on chin (evaluating).

Wealthnugget4u:- Personal growth: By altering the angle of your hand, when shaking hands you can take the first step towards gaining or giving control of a conversation.

A. Dominant handshake = rotate your hand anti-clockwise before shaking.

B. Passive = rotate your hand in a clockwise manner.

C. Equal/neutral = keep your hand straight.

Two hand shake no-no's are the 'knuckle cruncher' and the 'wet fish'.

2.ARMS : Crossed over chest (defensive), Crossed with fist clench (hostile), Placed behind head (confrontational), Gripping arm behind back (authoritarian).

Learn How To Read Different Facial Expressions

3.HEAD/FACIAL : Eyes centred (focused), Eyes gazing down (shameful), Eyes gazing up (contemplative), Scratching neck (doubtful), Touching nose (deceitful), Rubbing eye (insincere), Head propped up by hand (boredom), Rubbing ear (blocking out), Rubbing back of neck (annoyed), Hand to forehead (forgetful), Head tilted (interested), Fiddling with hair (preening), Pursing lips (angry).

4.CLOTHING/PROPS : Lint picking (disaproving), cuff straightening (nervous), peering over glasses (patronising), Lapel holding (authoritarian), collar pulling (guilty), glasses-arm of frame to mouth (stalling), Leaning against people or objects (ownership).

Wealthnugget4u:- Personal development growth: Never interupt another person's evaluation/contemplative gesture, they are comming to a decision. Let them make it, do not speak before they do, count to ten if necessary. Otherwise the moment will be lost and if it's a sales situation the sale will be lost with it.

Wealthnugget4u:- Personal development growth: If you are interested in learning more about body language, and how we express our emotions through it, try watching the T.V with the volume turned down or an old silent movie. You'll be amazed at how often we repeat the same gestures.

Good luck with your personal development plan.

regards Andy.

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