Don't Be Afraid To Fail: Practice Really Does Make Perfect.

I have outlined below 10 things you can do in order to improve your personal development plan. I think the most important thing to remember about planning and preperation is that it's better to do a little than none at all.

1. Make a start: Getting a good start is a vital element of doing any job well. Starting something is always the hardest part. Once you've built up a little momentum the whole task becomes so much easier.

2. Decide what you want to do or be: A crucial part of your personal development plan is deciding what you want from your life, not just from your career but from your personal life as well.

Invest a lot of time into this area because if you get this part of your plan right it will save you years of frustration and unhappiness. A good rule of thumb is this: Do what makes you happy. If you feel passionate about something it wont even feel like work and you'll be able to do it all day everyday.

3. Score your own work performance: Mark yourself out of ten on a daily basis and then total it up at the end of the week. This is just a bit of fun and for your eyes only but you will soon become proud of your record and you wont want to let your standards slip. This game is a very effective piece of self psychology.

Keep A Diary Or A Journal.

4. Keep a diary or a journal: It doesn't have to be complicated or long-winded, just a few lines a day. Writing things down is important for several reasons, not only does it act as a record but it helps to organize the mind. Furthermore, writing in itself is a creative process and you are much more likely to take action on something that you have commited to in print.

5. Work to your strenghs: Be honest with yourself what your strenghs and weaknesses are and then play to your strenghs. If another member of your team is better than you at something then let them perform that part of the task. The overall result is what matters, not who did what.

6. Divide tasks up into smaller components: Instead of being overwhelmed by large complicated tasks divide each one up into smaller, more manageable components and deal with them one at a time, the easiest through to the most difficult.

If you get bogged down with the difficult stuff early on you will become frustrated and the thought of still having lots of other things to deal with will generate feelings of despondency. So, get the easy stuff out of the way first and then tackle the nub of of the task.

7. Be flexible: The personal development plan you establish needs to have a good degree of flexibility to it. All successful people, teams and organisations are able to adapt rapidly and effectively to change and different situations.

Wealthnugget4u:- The worst phrase in business is this one; "We've always done it that way." You'll be amazed at how many times you'll hear that little chestnut over the course of your career. Be flexible and see things like your customers see them.

8. Training: Become an expert in your particular field, read the books, go on the courses, utilise all the latest technology.

9. Continual improvement: This is massive in business right now, so it seems only logical that you should incorporate the concept into your own personal development plan.

If you don't keep striving to move forwards you wont just stand still, you'll go backwards. Things are moving so quickly these days and the competition is so fierce that you must do all you can to keep one step ahead of the rest, if you don't you'll get trampled on and worse still, if you let complacency creep in then you and your company will soon become history.

10. Action: Action is a crucial ingredient of success and we must not let the fear of failure prevent us from taking action. So-called failure must be harnessed instead of feared because it is only by continually trying different ways and methods that we will eventually hit on the winning formula.

I hope the above information has been of use to you and I'll write more about PDP's soon.

Regards, Andy.

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