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Personal development skills: One thing that makes a marriage or relationship blossom more than anything else is quality time spent with each other. Let's face it, if you don't like spending time with your partner then you're obviously with the wrong person. The world that we live in is getting busier and busier but that does not excuse anyone from making time for the one they love.

Wealthnugget4u:- Personal development skills: Every night before you both crash out in front of the T.V. spend at least half an hour chatting about each other's day. Have a meal or a glass of wine together. This promotes propper communication between two people and even if you find it strange at first you'll soon get used to it and eventually you'll start to look forward to it.

Go out to dinner at least once a week, more if you can afford it. Again, this will give you quality time to chat to each other and enhance your relationship and there's nothing quite like being waited on, particularly if you are the one that does the bulk of the cooking at home.

Say 'I love you' to one another at least once a day. Everybody needs to be reassured and it's no good just relying on the fact that your partner knows that you love them. For their own personal-development, they need to hear it.

Ring or text each other whilst you are at work. This way you get a little 'newsflash' on how each other's day is going and you are able to either share the joys, if something good as happened to one of you or alternatively, offer support, if something bad as happened.

Surprise each other with gifts or by doing something out of the ordinary for each other. This is yet another way of showing someone that you really care about them and you don't just take them for granted.

Apart From Your Children Your Partner Should Be The Most Important Person In Your Life.

Wealthnugget4u:- Personal Development skills: Try imagining, what it's actually like to be your partner. Set aside five minutes every day and really get into the feeling of being them. Visualise how they go about their day, their trials and tribulations, all their routines etc. It will help you to understand their point of view more and the more understanding you have about something the better equipped you are to deal with it. This exercise will teach you empathy and will greatly enhance your own personal development.

Show your partner appreciation, eveybody loves to be appreciated and has I've previously mentioned the more a person feels appreciated the more they will do for you. So the act of appreciation has mutual benefits for both you and your partner. Appreciation is a key factor of all successful relationships.

Put your partner first, even if this doesn't come naturally, try to do it. Eventually, there will come a time when you really need their support and believe me if you've been a selfish individual down the years you might be in for a nasty shock.

More than anything else, your partner should be your soulmate, someone that you would willingly die for. Fortunately I am now married to my soulmate, I'll tell you how I found her in a later section of Relationships, entitled. 'How to find your perfect partner.'

Good luck with your personal development planning.

Regards Andy.

"A successful marriage is an edifice, one that must be rebuilt every day." Andre Maurois. (1885-1967)

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