The Subconcious Mind Is All Knowledgeable

Personal development tools: Increase your Personal development by learning how to fully utilise your subconscious mind. It's human nature to pay much more attention to the conscious mind (the ego) than to the subconcious mind. However, although the subconcious has no reasoning powers it is vastly more knowledgeable. The subconscious is our own personal computer and it remembers every word we've ever spoken or heard and every image we've ever seen. In addition to this it acts as our connection point to universal intellegence.

It is now a recognised fact of quantam physics that all human minds are in some way connected by mind power. Every thought and every idea that humankind has ever had is still out there in our universal conciousness. The subconscious mind is the individual's portal to this vast reservoir of information and all we have to do to enhance our personal-development is, tap into it. This raises the obvious question. How do we do this, how do we harness our mind power?.

Wealthnugget4u:- Personal development tools: All we have to do to aquire information on any subject is ask our subconcious minds about it and it will do the rest, it's that simple.

This technique works just as well when we are trying to solve problems and dilemmas. If you are unsure about something simply turn it over to your subconcious mind and it will find the answer for you. The best time to do this is just before you go to sleep because during sleep the subconscious mind takes over control of our wellbeing from our conscious mind.

Personal development tools: We all have amazing powers of intuition but most people's lay dormant through lack of use. The subconscious mind is located in the solar plexis which is at the back of the stomach. Hence the term "Gut feeling". Like any discipline, the more you practice using your mind power the better it will become. Not using your subconscious mind is the equivelent to having access to the internet and never logging on to it.

The subconscious mind also plays a major role in a persons health and wellbeing. For example If you believe that every time you are exposed to a draft you will catch a cold, then guess what? Your subconscious mind being the obedient servant that it is will associate the draft with you catching a cold and bingo, one cold will be delivered to you. I can vouch for this one from personal experience because that's what I used to believe! Since I stopped believing it the colds have all dried up! Sorry about that but this mind power and personal-development stuff can get a bit too serious at times.

Wealthnugget4u:- Personal development tools: Find a T.V.series that the whole family likes and go out and purchase it on DVD. You will have so many laughs that it will pay for itself many times over. Our favourites are Benedorm and Alan Partridge.

Hypnotic Image.

Personal development tools: The reason the conscious mind is so protecive of the subconscious is because the subconscious is so susceptable to suggestion. There are two types of suggestion, heterosuggestion which is a suggestion proposed by someone else and autosuggestion which is a suggestion that we give to ourselves. The mistake that most people make is confusing beliefs with facts. Your subconscious operates according to your beliefs not facts or truisms so if you want a better lifestyle then all you have to do is change your beliefs and this will automatically improve your mind power.

Sounds easy doesn't it. Everything takes time. If you've been living a certain way for twenty years or more your not going to change everything overnight. I personally think a total transformation of a person's lifestyle takes about five years. If that sounds like a long time then take heart, I'm talking five years to make a TOTAL transformation. As soon as you decide to change something you will see immediate results, the trick is to heap praise on yourself whenever you experience a success in your personal development. No matter how minor it is and also to stop being too self critical.

Wealthnugget4u:- Personal development tools: Don't try anything different on an important occasion. Don't style your hair differently, don't try out a new sales technique, don't do anything you haven't previously done or practiced before. Practice and experiment when it doesn't matter. For example If you're getting married break your shoes in a couple of weeks beforehand, you'll be glad that you did. When it comes to the big occasion, play it safe and if you have to give a speech or a presentation know your lines backwards. Even the 'spontaneous' parts!

Personal development tools quote: "You have power over your mind-not outside events. Realise this and you will find strengh. Marcus Aurelius. (121-180)

In the 1970's advertisers realised the importance of mind power and the effect that subliminal messages had on a person's subconcious mind. A subliminal message is a phrase or image flashed onto a T.V.screen at such a speed to be undetected by the naked eye. However the subconscious mind registers it and because it as not been subject to the concious mind's usual vetting processes the chances of the individual reacting positively to the suggestion are greatly increased.

The ads were subsequently banned in the U.S and the U.K. People that had been exposed to these subliminal images were finding themselves, for no apparant reason wanting a hotdog or an ice cream or whatever was being transmitted to them. Funny really, if a bit sneaky. Anyway the technology still exists and you can design your own program to project positive images and affirmations to yourself to improve your mind power whilst you are working at your PC. You can get a free trial at:- I use it myself, have fun. (see link at bottom of PD tools main page.)

Good luck with your personal development plan.

Regards Andy.

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