Personal development wealth: To further my own personal development I decided to dabble with gambling and where better place to do it than the home of gambling and glamour, Las Vegas.

Personal development wealth quote: "Money doesn't talk, it swears."-Bob Dylan.

Las Vegas for us, was the holiday of a lifetime. Again I could write a book on our stay there but that's for another day. The story I want to tell you right now is about our gambling exploits.

We went to Vegas predominantly to site-see but seeing as we were going to the home of the casino we'd decided that we were going to have at least a flutter. In anticipation of this I went out and bought a book on gambling. Sad, I know but old habbits die hard. I have read literally hundreds and hundreds of books on personal development, including many on wealth creation.

Personal development wealth book: 'How To Win At Casino Gambling' by Roger Gros (Carlton Books). It had a chapter totally dedicated to casino psychology which was utterly fascinating. It explained that the reason you won't find any clocks or windows in casinos is that the patrons want you to totally forget about the concept of time.

In fact they have a number of cute little tricks to part the customer (punter) from his/her hard earned money. These Include pumping extra oxygen into the building to create an atmosphere of euphoria, using brightly coloured chips so you don't feel like your losing REAL money and offering numerous freebies in order to make you gamble longer.

The Famous Las Vegas Welcome Sign.

Personal development wealth: Armed with the knowledge I had gleaned from Roger's personal-development book and our princely, daily stake of $5! (I did say it was a sightseeing trip) we headed to our hotel, The Mirage's casino. We had decided to keep things simple and just stick to the slots. Apparantly there is a pre-determined percentage that slot machines must pay out by law.

What's interesting is that this is not limited to individual machines, thus the machines that are most visible to the public tend to pay out a lot and the machines nearest the cage/cashier pay out zilch. The psychology of the machines next to the cage paying out little or nothing is that more times than not these machines are where the customer has his/her last flutter of the day and do you honestly think their going to let you win that one? Nope.

On our first session we won $20, which the cashier virtually threw at us but I didn't care we were up and that's all that mattered. Becomming wealthy doesn't happen overnight you have to build your personal development one small block at a time. Life itself is like a game of poker, you've got to know when to gamble and when to walk away.

We were up about $100 for the trip when we decided to spend the evening in downtown Vegas, which is the original part of the city and a real eye-opener. The night we visited was the night of vegas's 'Gay Pride' parade and the whole vibe was exciting, the permanent lightshow, that's based downtown is just amazing to behold.

Anyway, my wife and I were drinking in a bar when the bar tender came over to us and handed me $2. I told him that I had already been given my change but he informed me that it wasn't my change but my winnings. Apparantly, my wife had inadvertantly pressed the collect button of a gambling machine that was built into the surface of the bar. We decided that the money must be lucky and that we should gamble it. However we resisted the urge to do so immediately because I wanted to play it on our favourite machine back at The Mirage.

Know When To Stick And When To Twist.

Personal development wealth: We returned to our hotel that night at about 2am. and began to head for our room, we'd had a great evening but neither of us are night owls and by this time we were both feeling really tired. Suddenly, I remembered the lucky money and even though my wife was retiscent we headed back to the casino to gamble it.

Luckily, our favourite machine was free, so we fed it the two dollars. I must be honest I thought that would be the end of it and we could finally get to our bed and when the symbols that came up on the machine meant nothing to either of us we both instinctively turned to walk away but suddenly the slot machine started to flash and play a tune.

I remember smiling and feeling glad that we'd won a few dollars with our lucky money. But slowly our winnigs started to climb, they climbed to and past $50, then past $100, then past 2, 3, $400, by this time I was beginning to panic. Neither of us had a clue of how much we had actually won and still our winnings mounted, they climbed past 5, 6, $700.

Personal development wealth: By this stage I was searching feaverishly up and down the machine's display panel but could find nothing that matched our combination of symbols. Then all of a sudden the machine came to a halt, the figure that was flashing hypnotically in front of us was $1,000, we were elated. I remember watching the cashier count out our windfall in $20 dollar bills. It was an absolute thrill.

During our 9 night stay in Vegas, for an overall stake of less than $50, plus the price of Roger Gros's book, we cleared almost $1200!

Wealthnugget4u:- Personal development wealth: Having an occasional flutter is a buzz but the only way to beat the house and increase your wealth is to bet small and then walk away. This way the odds are stacked in your favour, the longer you play the more the odds move in favour of the house, it's that simple.

Good luck with your personal development plan.

Regards, Andy.

Vegas At Nightime.

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